Service & quality for our business clients

Transportation for professionals

Prestige Limousine offers a reliable and professional transportation service and a solution for meetings. We are the discreet relation for your business events.

When you ask for our chauffeur-driven vehicles, we retain your predilection. So when you will travel with us again later, you can be sure we already know your tastes and expectations and hence act the appropriate manner to satisfy you in the best way we can.

Because a business trip requires a well-coordinated service...

Equipped for business men & women

Call for a chauffeur-driven vehicle is the best way to travel quietly and safely, enjoying the moment to do some tasks you need to do without losing time. In order to let you work, finish a letter or a presentation, send an important email or even make a video call, Prestige Limousine has cars equipped with an efficient Wifi connection.

Enjoy a true luxurious journey with prestige limousine

Going from a place to another or at a meeting will never be a loss of time anymore. Prestige Limousine, the limo and service made to satisfy the business class!

A moment to breathe

As every situation is different and every customer work and live differently, your journey with us can also be a synonymous of a calm and resting time between 2 rendez-vous.

Our chauffeurs are at your service to give you a very unique experience of a quiet trip. You can choose a nice music for the atmosphere or simply listen to the light hum of the motor while resting until you arrive at your destination.

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